Stokist for Multi Brand Whiteboard Pinup board Perforated board Tripod Stand



We deal with premium quality whiteboards with melamine lamination in medium density fiberboards and plywoods. for special requirements, we have magnetic and ceramic boards. You are requested to download the detailed catalogue for more information about the product. 

We also deal with Green Chalkboard for the classroom. This is an ideal substitution for the traditional blackboard.

Pinup board

Notice Board

Notice board, also known as pinup board, is ideal for displaying photos and other content.

Made with softwood back end lined with velvet cloth enhance the style and beauty of the product. An anodized aluminium frame ensures the durability of the whole product.

Download the catalogue for detailed information about the notice board

Proferated Board

Perforated boards

Perforated boards are one of the most commonly used display boards in front offices and entrances of hotels for displaying welcome messages. There are suitable plastic alphanumeric letters in plain and golden colours to decor the boards. Download the detailed catalogue for more information

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