Whiteboard and Notice Board Solutions: Elevating Communication in Kochi


Whiteboards are a type of writing surface that is made of a smooth and hard material, often porcelain or melamine, that can be easily cleaned and used repeatedly.

Whiteboards have several advantages over traditional chalkboards, including the ease of erasing, the ability to easily change or erase a mistake, and the lack of dust and chalk residue. Additionally, whiteboards can be used with dry-erase markers, which come in a variety of colours, making it possible to highlight and emphasize important information. All of our whiteboards are made with a wall mounting facility, in case you don’t have a suitable wall to mound the board we have a whiteboard with a stand.

Green Board

A green chalkboard, also known as a greenboard or green blackboard, is a type of writing surface commonly used in schools and other educational settings. It is similar to a traditional blackboard, but is made with a green coloured surface instead of black. Green chalkboards are favoured over blackboards because the green colour provides better contrast, making it easier to see what is written on the board. The surface is usually coated with a mixture of silica and other materials, which allows for easy erasing and provides a smooth writing surface for chalk.

Notice Board

A pinup board is a type of notice board that is specifically designed for posting and displaying paper documents, such as flyers, posters, and notices. They typically have a smooth, hard surface and use pins or tacks to hold the items in place.
A cork board is another type of notice board that is made of cork material. Cork is a naturally occurring material that is soft and spongy, making it easy to push pins into it. It’s often used in notice boards because it is a durable, eco-friendly, and renewable resource. Cork boards are also commonly used in home and office environments for their aesthetic qualities and versatility.